Differences between the free (basic) and paid (pro) plan

Limitations of the free (basic) plan 🆓

Although there are no limitations on the number of links, clicks, or conversions that are driven from the Dash Checkout app, there are a few limitations that could limit the number of re-orders driven through links when on the Free plan.

  1. 1000 orders/month: If your store gets over 1000 orders per month, the Dash Checkout app will disable order synchronization, which will lead to the reorder links redirecting to the storefront instead of the cart of checkout.
  2. 30-day dynamic link expiry: All your dynamic links and QR codes will have an automatic link expiry of 30 days after order creation. This means if a customer tries to reorder a product from their emails after 30 days since they made the order, the links will redirect to the storefront and will not link to the pre-loaded cart or checkout. However, 30 days should give merchants enough time to test and make sure the links and QR codes integrate well into different sales channels, invoices, and packing slips, before upgrading to the paid Pro plan.
  3. 30-day order history: The order data stored on the Dash Checkout app will be limited to the last 30 days. All order data prior to the last 30 days will be removed and not accessible for reorders by customers.

Advantages of the paid (Pro) plan 🚀

  1. Unlimited orders/month: In addition to handling an unlimited number of links, QR codes, clicks, and conversions, the Pro plan also gives access to unlimited orders that will be synced and stored for future repurchases for customers.
  2. No dynamic link expiry: All your dynamic links and QR codes will have no expiry and will be accessible for all orders except those orders that are created 60 days before app installation. E.g. if the app was installed on June 1, 2022, all orders will be synced after April 1, 2022, moving forward and will not expire.
  3. Unlimited order history: Dash Checkout app will store all orders and their line item data from 60 days before installation to the most recent order placed.
  4. Free unlimited templates: As Dash Checkout adds new templates for Shopify and other third-party apps, there will be no additional charge for new updates and small modifications.
  5. Priority support: Under the Pro plan, you will have access to priority support from the team that will help you get set up with links and templates across various sales channels, Shopify Emails, templates, and other third-party apps.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to our team and we would be happy to assist. 🙂

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