Modifying the Shopify packing slips to show preorder properties (line item properties)

This document provides a step-by-step guide on how to modify the standard packing slip in Shopify using the DC Preorder Shopify app. This process allows you to include and view the individual properties of preorder line items that might be missing in the default format.

Getting Started

Ensure you have the necessary permissions to modify the packing slip template. If not, please consult your system administrator or the person responsible for managing your Shopify settings.

Steps to Modify the Packing Slip

Follow these steps to include preorder line item properties on the packing slip:

Step 1: Access the Packing Slip Template

Start by navigating to the Shipping and delivery section in your Shopify settings. Within this section, find and click on the Packing slip template option. Then, choose the Edit function to modify the template.

Step 2: Locate the Necessary Code Line

In the template code, search for the following line: {% if line_item.sku != blank %} . This line of code checks if the variant title of a line item is not empty.

Step 3: Add the New Code

After the {% endif %} that follows the line you found in Step 2, hit 'Enter' to create a new line. Then, copy and paste the following code:

{% for property in %}

<span class="line-item-description-line">

{{ property[0] }}: {{ property[1] }}


{% endfor %}

Step 4: Adjust the Template Class If Necessary

If the class="line-item-description-line" in your packing slip template differs from the one in the code you've added, replace it with the class used in your template.

Step 5: Save and Refresh

Click 'Save' to apply the changes you made to the template. Then, refresh the order page and generate the packing slip again. Your new slip should now display the individual properties of preorder line items.

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