Adding Consent to Shipping Policy for Pre-orders in Shopify Themes

This guide provides instructions for Shopify merchants on how to update their shipping policy to include customer consent for delayed shipping times on pre-orders, particularly for delays that exceed 30 days when no specific shipping time is stated.

Why Consent is Important

For pre-orders, it is essential to obtain explicit consent from customers when expected shipping delays may exceed 30 days. This consent is not only a good business practice, ensuring transparency and building trust, but it's also a requirement to comply with e-commerce regulations and avoid disputes or chargebacks.

How to Update Your Shipping Policy Text

To update your shipping policy, you will need to edit the shipping policy text in your theme settings where you specify the terms and conditions of your shipping process. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Navigate to Your Theme Settings: Go to your Shopify admin, click on 'Online Store,' and then select 'Themes.'
  2. Edit Language Options: Find the theme you are using and click on the 'Customize' button, then select 'The DC Preorders' app extension from under the extensions.
  3. Locate Shipping Policy Text: Scroll to find the 'Shipping policy text' field.
  4. Add Consent Language: After the default shipping text, which ends with "Expected to ship by {ship_date}," you will add your consent clause. Below is an example text that you can use as a template:
Expected to ship by {ship_date}. By placing a pre-order, you agree to our pre-order terms, acknowledging that the shipping date is estimated and subject to change. If we anticipate a delay beyond 30 days, we will provide you with updated shipping information and the option to maintain or cancel your order. Your consent to this flexible shipping timeline is appreciated as it helps us ensure the best possible delivery of your product.
  1. Review Changes: Make sure that the added text is clear and that it fits seamlessly with the rest of your shipping policy.
  2. Save the Changes: Click 'Save' at the top right of the page to apply the updated policy to your store.

Testing the Consent Process

Once the consent language has been added, it's recommended to perform a test transaction to ensure the updated shipping policy appears correctly during the checkout process and is visible to customers. You may also want to seek feedback from a few customers or team members to ensure the message is clearly understood.

Tips for Best Practices

  • Visibility: Ensure the consent text is clearly visible and not hidden within other text.
  • Simplicity: Use plain language that can be easily understood by all customers.
  • Confirmation: Consider using a checkbox or confirmation button to ensure that customers actively acknowledge the consent clause.
  • Updates: Keep customers informed about their pre-order status, especially if there are any changes to the expected ship date.

By following these steps, you will help foster transparency and trust with your customers, ensuring they are fully informed about their pre-order shipment timelines and their consent is duly recorded.

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