Disabling order limit cart validations in Shopify directly

Sometimes, you might want to pause certain shopping cart and checkout rules in your Shopify store without getting rid of them completely. This can be useful during promotions or when you're tweaking your sales strategy. Here’s how you can easily disable these rules temporarily without deleting them.

How to Temporarily Turn Off Cart and Checkout Validations

Follow these steps to disable your cart and checkout rules temporarily from your Shopify admin panel:

Step 1: Access Checkout Settings

  • Log in to your Shopify admin dashboard.
  • Navigate to Settings and then click on Checkout.

Step 2: Find Your Checkout Rules

  • In the Checkout settings, you’ll see a section labeled Checkout rules. Click to open it.
  • This page will show all the rules you’ve set up for cart and checkout validations.

Step 3: Temporarily Disable the Rules

  • Look for the rule you want to pause.
  • Click on the rule to see more options.
  • Select Turn off from the menu to disable the rule temporarily.

Step 4: Confirm Your Action

  • You might be asked to confirm that you want to deactivate the rule. Go ahead and confirm to ensure changes take effect.
  • Don’t worry, this doesn’t delete the rule. It just turns it off.

Once you deactivate a rule, it no longer applies during checkout. For example, if the rule was limiting customers to only five items per order, deactivating it means customers can now buy more than five items if they choose.

Re-enabling Rules

If you decide to reactivate a rule later:

  • Return to the Checkout rules section.
  • Find the rule you want to turn back on.
  • Click the ... button and choose Activate to start enforcing the rule again.

Disabling order limit rules in Shopify gives you flexibility to adjust your store’s checkout process as needed. Whether you’re running a sale or just want to see how changes affect your customer's buying behavior, turning rules on and off is straightforward and quick. Remember, you can always switch them back on whenever you’re ready!

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