How to Share App Function Logs with DC Order Limits Team

If you need to share details of how the DC Order Limits app has been functioning over the past 24 hours—regardless of whether there were any issues—you can easily send this information to our support team. This can help with diagnosing potential problems or simply monitoring the app's performance.

Steps to share app function logs

Step 1: Navigate to the App Settings

  • Log into your Shopify admin panel.
  • Go to the Apps and sales channels settings. This section lists all the apps currently installed on your store.

Step 2: Select DC Order Limits

  • Find and select DC Order Limits from your list of apps. This will take you to the specific settings and management area for our app.

Step 3: Initiate Log Sharing

  • Look for the Share function logs card within the DC Order Limits settings. This card is dedicated to log sharing features.
  • Click the Share logs button. A modal will appear confirming your choice to share the logs.

Step 4: Confirm and Send the Logs

  • In the modal, click the Share logs button again to confirm your decision.
  • This action initiates the process to compile and send the function run details directly to our team.

Step 5: Email Notification

  • Once the logs are shared, an email notification is automatically sent to the specified business contact at the DC Order Limits partner organization. This ensures that our support team receives the logs and can begin reviewing them.

Sharing app function logs from DC Order Limits is a straightforward process that helps maintain transparency and assists in quick resolution of any potential issues. Whether you're experiencing difficulties or just want to ensure everything is running smoothly, sharing logs provides valuable insights into the app’s operations. Our team is here to assist and ensure that DC Order Limits enhances your e-commerce experience effectively.

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