Setting up order limits and cart limits in Shopify

DC Order Limits allows merchants to enforce various types of limitations on customer purchases, including restrictions based on quantity, price, product eligibility, and customer eligibility. These limits help manage inventory, promote fair purchasing practices, and encourage order values that align with business goals.

Getting Started

To begin using DC Order Limits, navigate to the DC Order Limits section within your store's administration dashboard. Here, you can create new rules, edit existing ones, or delete them as your business needs evolve.

Creating a New Order Limit Rule

To set up a new order limit rule, follow these steps:

1. Access the Form

  • Go to the Order Limits page.
  • Click on Create New Order Limit Rule to open the rule configuration form.

2. Fill Out Rule Details

Rule Information

  • Title: Enter a descriptive name for the rule. This title is used internally to identify the rule.

Order Limits

  • Minimum Quantity: Specify the minimum number of items a customer must purchase. Leave this field blank if no minimum is required.
  • Maximum Quantity: Specify the maximum number of items a customer can purchase. Leave this field blank if no maximum is required.
  • Minimum Price: Set the minimum total price of the cart. Include this to encourage higher-value orders. Leave blank if no minimum price is set.
  • Maximum Price: Set the maximum total price of the cart to prevent excessively large orders. Leave blank if no maximum price is set.

3. Configure Grouping Options

Choose how the limits apply:

  • Any Item: Limits apply to the entire cart collectively.
  • Product: Limits apply separately to each product type.
  • Product Variant: Limits apply to specific variants of a product.

4. Define Product Eligibility

Select which products are affected by the rule:

  • All Products: Applies the rule to every product.
  • Products with Specific Tags: Limits the rule to products tagged with specific keywords.
  • Preorders Only: Restricts the rule to preordered items.
  • Selected Products: Applies to individually selected products (feature coming soon).

5. Determine Customer Eligibility

Choose which customers the rule affects:

  • All Customers: Affects every customer.
  • Logged Out Customers: Only applies to customers who are not logged in.
  • Logged In Customers: Only affects customers who are logged in.
  • Customers with Specific Tags: Applies only to customers tagged with specific keywords.
  • Selected Customers: Affects individually selected customers (feature coming soon).

7. Save and Activate

Click Save to apply the settings. Once saved, the rule is active according to the start date specified.

Once a rule is created, a summary of the rule's settings is displayed on the left side of the form for existing rules. This summary helps you review and confirm the rule's configurations before making further changes.

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