Adding a Purchase Option to Existing Preorders (deposits, partial payment, pay later)

If you're looking to add a purchase option to your existing preorders on Shopify using the DC Preorders app, follow these streamlined steps. Do note, some limitations apply due to platform restrictions. With purchase options you can choose to offer options for your customers like deposits, partial payments or pay later options.

Purchase options are currently only available on DC Preorder plans

Step-by-Step Guide

Accessing Purchase Options

  1. Navigate to Preorders: Open the DC Preorders app within your Shopify admin.
  2. Purchase Options: Click on 'Purchase Options' on the top of the Preorders page.
  3. Create New: Select the 'Create purchase option' button to initiate a new purchase option.

Setting Up Your Purchase Option

  1. Define the Purchase Option: Fill in the name field with a descriptive title for your purchase option. This is for internal reference and won't be visible to customers.

    Payment Deposit: Choose one of the following:

    • No deposit – pay later : Customers pay nothing upfront.
    • Full payment – pay now : Customers pay the entire amount.
    • Partial deposit – percentage : Customers pay a portion upfront.

      Remaining Balance Charge Date:

    • Set the Charge date for when the balance will be due. The system will automatically charge customers on this date.


    • Select ASAP if you wish to fulfill the order immediately upon availability.
    • Choose Unknown if the fulfillment date is not set, which places the order on HOLD.

Inventory and Products

  1. Inventory Reservation:
    • Choose On fulfillment to reserve inventory when the preorder is fulfilled.
    • Opt for On sale to reserve inventory as soon as the preorder is made.

      Assign Products:

    • Click on ‘Select products’ and add the products that this purchase option will apply to. Please make sure to configure these products in the preorders section for specific availability and shipping policy settings.

Review and Save

  • Summary: Review your settings on the right-hand side.
  • Click the Save button to finalize the creation of your purchase option.


Please be aware that there are specific limitations related to purchase options. These are discussed int he detail here.

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